Seva (meaning "service") is a multi-perspective engagement with the literary heritage. The film juxtaposes local engagements with heritage material whether in conservation laboratories, digitizing preservation units, collection shelves, scholars’ desks, or crematoria with global contexts. The crisscrossing of the stories narrated, often cutting into each-other, creates a seemingly contradictory narrative which evolves into a dialogue. The film rarely moves away from close shots capturing finer details of local initiatives while opening a window to the global scenario. References to the wanton destruction caused by military and political campaigns further underscore the urgency for dialogue.

Daljit Ami, coming from an agricultural family background, is an independent documentary filmmaker based in East Punjab. He has been writing as a freelancer for various newspapers and magazines. Starting with Born in Debt in 2001, he has made documentary films on various issues related to Punjab. Seva comes after a gap of six years since his last film, but he has one film on the Singapore Mutiny of 1915 in the works, and is planning another on gender violence.

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  • Title: Seva
  • Producer:
  • Director: Daljit Ami
  • Editor/Camera Person: Daljit Ami
  • BG Score: Mrityunjay Awasthy
  • Length: 27 minutes


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